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Cadence, Reflections of an Unlikely Warrior

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Cadence, Reflections of an Unlikely Warrior

Cadence cover for flyer.jpg
Cadence cover for flyer.jpg

Cadence, Reflections of an Unlikely Warrior


With a family history of military patriots dating back to the 1300’s, having the heart of a warrior is in the DNA of Author Lisa Renée Williams. Even so, she hasn’t always operated with the attitude of a warrior. In her book Cadence;Reflections of an Unlikely Warrior, Lisa shares the story of her personal battles with fear, shame and depression and how she learned to live a life of confidence, perseverance and joy. In this book you will learn the secrets of living victoriously even in the midst of life’s most difficult battles such as the aftermath of sexual abuse, abortion, abandonment, P.T.S.D. and divorce. Cadence; Reflections of an Unlikely Warrior gives the reader hope and guidance on how to walk through life’s ugliest battles and still come out on top. You will learn key elements to joyful living through life giving lessons such as cultivating strong, lifelong friendships with accountability and structure, gaining prosperity, reaching goals and how to find and keep your life partner. This book is a “must read” for anyone wanting to gain more confidence and live a victorious life in a world that often feels like a battlefield.

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