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Daily Conqueror Moments

Daily encouragement and inspiration for the warrior in all of us. You can be a winner, a victor, and a CONQUEROR every day of your life. Lisa's posts will help lead the way on this cadence we call life.


Lisa Williams

On Sunday, I’ll be turning sixty and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.

Regardless of how I feel, sixty is coming for me. Thankfully, I’m still on this side of the grass and I’ll be celebrating my birthday with as much vim and vigor as a ten-year-old. Well, at least in my aged mind I will be.

I’m alive! WOW!

I still remember…
”Lisa, we have an entire arsenal of antibiotics with which to treat Lyme Disease. But, you have to understand. This is not going to be a cake-walk by any means. You’ve had this infection within your body for years and years. It’s highly advanced. It’s late stage, Lisa. It’s even in your spinal fluid and has crossed over into your brain. This is going to be a fight like you’ve never seen before.
You’re going to wish for death, it’s going to be that hard.
You will want to give up. Don’t. Our Stage III patients who give up usually die. There is no Stage IV.
It’s difficult to survive much longer than five years when Lyme has advanced this far, but we’re going to do our best to save your life,” said the prominent Lyme Disease specialist in 2005.
He and his team of doctors did save my life and I am beyond grateful. I wish there were a better, stronger word for grateful that I could use because the depth I feel is overwhelming- in a good way.

I have wished for death. I’m sorry, but I have wished that my God would simply let me die. Treatment for Lyme Disease is that excruciating. Whenever the Lyme Spirochete is killed, it emits endotoxins and neurotoxins which are virulent to the body. This causes an inflammatory reaction called a Herxheimer response within the body, that is off the charts. The pain is impossible to adequately describe.
Let me put it this way, I’d rather give birth all natural any day of the week, than to experience the Herxheimer response which accompanies Lyme Disease treatment.

In light of having had to fight daily for the past 14 years, simply to stay alive; turning 60 is no small event for me. I feel like there should be some sort of parade, complete with fireworks at the end. Especially for my husband, family, and friends who have stood in the trenches of this war with me since day one.

With sixty comes memories of the things I’ve learned throughout my lifetime, so I’ve decided to share 60 of those things with my readers today.

1) Being the baby of the family never ends and if you’re lucky enough to have big sisters they will always be over protective. Always. There is no getting around it.

2) Sharing everything makes you happier. Except for lipstick and mascara because that’s just gross.

3) Liver and onions will never be good, no matter how it’s cooked. Just accept it.

4) You were not fat in high school.

5) You are not what you weigh, what you do, how you look, what you own, how much money you have, or what broken people say you are.

6) Flippant apologies are cheap and meaningless. The best apology is changed behavior. Accept no less of yourself or others.

7) Not everyone will love you. There will be haters for any or no reason at all. Let them hate and don’t give voice to it. Celebrate loudly your tribe who loves you.

8) Music can heal you. Really.

9) Hugs lower your blood pressure and ease physical pain.

10) Cuddling with a puppy will fix a bad day.

11) Even if there is no proof of God to you, look again. Always look again.

12) You were not an afterthought to God, so don’t let anyone treat you as such.

13) Never ask your husband if those jeans make your butt look big. When you do, you put him in a very precarious scenario and it’s highly unfair.

14) When you truly mean it, you can never overuse the words “I love you.”

15) Always let your conduct match your confession.

16) Bitterness makes you ugly on the outside, too.

17) Happy girls are the prettiest girls. Find your happy.

18) Hurting people hurt people. Be kind, always.

19) Learning gun safety and how to protect yourself is a smart move.

20) Never hate. Nip that thing in the bud the instant you feel it.

21) Forgiveness is for your freedom.

22) Forgiving someone is not the same as condoning their actions and doesn’t necessarily mean they should have a place in your life.

23) Warm cookies and cold milk can save the day.

24) God loves it when you talk with him and is willing to listen to every single word you have to say.

25) When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself this question, “How can I make this world a better place today?” Then when you think of it, go out and do it.

26) Call your parents. You will miss them when they’re gone.

27) Never trust anyone who doesn’t like animals.

28) Never trust anyone who is rude to the restaurant server.

29) Family is everything.

30) Being childlike is good.

31) Being childish is not cute.

32) Never look down on anyone. Only God sits that high.

33) Associate with people who are highly different than you.

34) Old people are a treasure. Old people in a rocking chair are a history lesson.

35) Pass down recipes. Never let them die with you.

36) Be generous with your time.

37) If you see something endearing in someone, say so.

38) Telling the truth doesn’t have to be brutal.

39) Conversations are better than television.

40) Put your blasted cell phone down when you’re with other people!

41) If you’re a woman, never leave the house without lipstick.

42) Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Love does.

43) Laughter should not be an option.

44) Real men do cry.

45) Stargazing will answer a million questions, and give you millions more to ponder.

46) Nobody ever became poor from being generous.

47) Dancing in the kitchen is good therapy.

48) Horses are better at listening that psychologists.

49) If you aren’t making plans to change a thing, then don’t whine about it.

50) Grandchildren are God’s way of making aging up to you.

51) Be grateful.

52) Stay in touch with old friends and be welcoming to new ones.

53) Trust your gut instincts. They’re usually spot on.

54) If you’re afraid do it anyway. Except holding a gigantic tarantula. You get a pass on that one.

55) “Likes” on social media don’t equal love.

56) Go where the love is.

57) Stay close to people who feel like sunlight.

58) Set healthy boundaries for yourself and remember the only people who will be angry for it are the ones who don’t respect you anyway, so it’s a win for you.

59) You are only as pretty or handsome as the degree to which you love others.

60) Every day is worthy of a celebration!

I hope my Sixty-isms have blessed your day. Enjoy this life, y’all and make it a good one. As you’re growing older don’t forget to remember that you are very, very loved.